Georg Nigl is one of the most respected winemakers in his home of the thermal region, south of the federal capital of Vienna, and also a figurehead of organic viticulture in his region.

He has been farming the vineyards, which are scattered over many parcels, organically for years, taking care of the physiology and health of the old vines, the basis for his natural wines.

The vines are rooted in living soils, organic, some biodynamic, and tell of the origins of their homeland, limestone, slate and clay.

Georg strives for high standards and pure, authentic expression in his work. Aesthetics come to mind when you talk to him or taste his wines.

Georg Nigl relies on hard manual labor in the vineyards and subsequent low-intervention processing of the harvested fruit in the cellar. Perfect grapes with balanced ripeness, tannin and acidity do not need much fuss. Depending on the requirements and character of each variety, the musts ferment spontaneously and are kept on the lees in various containers (stainless steel, used oak barrels) for as long as necessary. Careful maceration and extraction of healthy grapes, low or no SO2 content, no fining, because it is the duration of contact with the skins that counts.

The wines convincingly lively and complex, but never demanding.

Georg Nigl


Education: Viticulture school HBLA Klosterneuburg & Krems

Internships: Oregon, California, South Africa and Australia